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6 Goal Setting Activities to Get You Started in the Right Direction

With each plan you have in mind, lies a great deal of thinking as well as action in order to achieve that particular goal. Therefore, you must engage in several types of goal setting activities in order to motivate yourself to strive towards the achievement of your newly formed plan. The desire to achieve your goal is based on the reward that this particular goal has to offer and this does indeed become part of the inner motivation to achieve. However, without the addition of goal setting...

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Improving Family Literacy With Goal Setting

According to statistics, only 46 percent of parents in America today take the time to read to their children. This means that less than half of the children in America today are exposed to literature. This, of course, affects family literacy in a negative way. In order to improve this statistic on family literacy, goal setting is being encouraged as a way to boost the literacy of people all over the country. So, what actually is being done to improve family literacy with goal setting? In a...

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Business Goal Setting Elements to Consider

What does it mean when businessmen talk about “the big picture” as far as business goal setting is concerned? We hear this phrase all the time, but what does it actually mean when it comes to business? In business, the “big picture” refers to the long-range plans of a company. This encompasses all of the long term goals that a company sets for it’s future. Entrepreneur needs to know exactly where they intend to take their business and they do this through the goals...

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