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Work Place Bullying Advice

In every work environment, there’s probably one person who could be considered a bully and therefore, we all are in need of sound work place bullying advice to round out our interpersonal skills toolbox.  You know that one person who consistently dishes out venomous personal remarks, who takes delight in ruining your day with seemingly harmless statements, or who is simply rude, aggressive, and pushy.

A workplace bully often leaves people feeling threatened and demeaned. And these moves are often directed by more powerful people at less powerful people. So, if any of this sounds familiar to you pay attention to the following work place bullying advice.

What Constituents Bullying?

To know if a person is a certified bully, you feel oppressed, humiliated, weak, and belittled after talking to the alleged individual. In addition, you also feel worse about yourself. Some bullies even use passive aggressive behavior so you aren’t even sure what hit you. You know, the guy who smiles while stabbing you in the back.

Work Place Bullying Advice…

And while each person’s patience and tolerance levels vary, it’s up to you to stand up and show that you’re no pushover. Hold your ground when it comes to workplace bullying. Interrupt the attack by saying that you both want what’s best. Simply show that you’re always brave in the face of terror. Often, the bully targets those who quake in their boots since they know that they’ll get their way.

You can actually cop a few moves that keep you from fouling out on the most complicated office games. First, compromise and cooperate with your perceived rival. Even in a mercilessly competitive society, there are pockets of cooperative activity to let you know what is to work with others.

Forget about competition for a moment and try to create a more productive relationship with your problematic colleagues. It’s possible that you can accomplish more together.

It’s simply mind over matter when it comes to rivalries and politics. Use the conflict to turn in your best work. You might get bullied by people. But instead of feeling frustrated, let the passive-aggressive fuel you into working harder and being a better employee.

If Possible, Turn The Bullying Situation into a Positive

Just as some people bring out your best, and other people bring out your worst, you can bring out the best in other people at their worst. It’s a matter of understanding where they are coming from and what is likely to work with them.

Learn to never burn bridges. If you can’t take it anymore and refuse to play dirty, make sure to leave your dignity intact. Try to take the decision to leave out of the emotional realm. When you hand in your notice, do so with a cool head, not brimming with rants or fuming about the unfair treatment you got or you think you got. Remember, you’ll need those people to vouch for you for the future.

A Few Last Workplace Bullying Tips

See what’s coming even from a mile away because you’ll be combing the horizons for shady people who can act like monsters. When you do this, you get to revel in a better sense of control. You will serve greater heights of success if you always hold your head up high and maintain your dignity.

The people who just act without even thinking won’t be able to see the bullet coming from behind. And last but not least, in the midst of any work place bullying, make time to feel good about yourself and stay grateful for what you’ve been blessed with. So, chin up and know that as long as you’re doing what’s right, you’ll be fine.