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What is Motivation in Simplest Forms

Motivation is the “urge” that drives you towards the road leading to your goal. Without motivation, you will find yourself unable to take the journey towards the achievement of something you may have wanted all your life.

Motivation is present in every stage of your life.

Motivation was already present even when you were still small. You may not be aware of it yet but it is what makes you do things you think you are not capable of accomplishing.

Going to school takes motivation. One of your motivations may be parents. Since they want the best for you, they will probably enroll you in the best school even if they have to save hard for it. Just thinking of the effort your parents have put forward to get you to school can be enough for you not to miss any class.

Another motivation is the opportunity to make friends. Humans by nature are friendly. Meeting new people is something that every one enjoys doing. It lies in the challenge of getting more and more friends added to your list.

Motivation can also be through extrinsic factors. For example, getting to school means that you will have a new uniform and beautiful school things to take with you. Just thinking of how you will finally be able to use them is enough to keep you excited to get to school.

These are your motivations in your early years. But once you get older, you will realize that there are more important things in life than meeting new friends and having new things. You will begin creating goals that are important for your future.

In secondary school, you will begin striving to get the best grades so that you can get into the college of your choice. At this stage, you are already planning the kind of future you want for you and your family. That is your motivation.

In your day-to-day life, you will see people rushing off to their respective work and you will wish you will have one too later on. Money and success will become your driving force. In the past, you may not have thought of these things. As you grow, you will realize their importance.

It will begin in the workplace. You will come upon successful people whom you can look up to. In the process of doing your job, you are being trained to be the best that you can so that you can move on to a much higher position. This basically means that a higher salary will be given to you. Not only that, there are also recognition and growth to think about.

It is in this stage that you are putting into action what you were just thinking before. This is the most important stage in reaching your goal. This is because you are on your own now. You are not obliged to follow what others are dictating. You are your boss. And success is your motivation.

Before you can reach your goal, you need to go through the difficulties that come with it. But with enough motivation, you will find that the journey is not as hard as you fist thought it was.

It is during this stage that you will finally realize what the true meaning of motivation is and the important part it played in your goal searching and achievement.