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What is Motivation: A No-Complex Definition

Many definitions on what is motivation are available and are easy to access through the Internet. Motivational techniques even accompany these descriptions on several websites. However, some people still seem to be confused with the different terminology and are looking for a simple yet rich in content meaning. Now if you are one of these people who are looking for a reader–friendly article which may look plain but loaded with information that discusses this topic, then this article is perfect for you.

So What is Motivation?

When it comes to answering our question of what is motivation, let’s take a look at some fundamentals. Motivation is a driving force that humans must acquire in order to achieve their goals. It can also be defined as the desire that one has to fulfill and attain goal oriented behaviors. Thus, this is what gives us the urge to act not because of knowing that we can or we could but because we should and we want to.

Being motivated means you are in a process wherein you are initiated and guided in order to reach your goals, may it be a short or a long term goal. Energy, of course accompanies motivation. In achieving your purpose, you work and you spend energy as well.

Those who are looking for information on what is motivation must know that motivation also means to inspire, to encourage and to push people to do their best part to become successful. Without this, you may lose heart and easily give up when faced with even a small amount of hardship. And may lead to quitting and not bothering in trying to conquer whatever it is that is in need of being conquered.

Elements to Consider on Our Quest for What is Motivation

We call a motivation extrinsic if it has its roots in the social aspects of the individual and entails physical rewards such as recognition and money. On the other hand, an intrinsic motivation is the urge or desire that has come up within the individual itself. And the rewards are that of self development and honing.

Realistically, people are not the same and never will be. Individuality is what sets us apart from each other. Intrinsic and extrinsic rewards can be of less or more value to a person depending on a given situation.

People who are seeking for answers on what is motivation need to know that one of the reasons why motivation exists is because it is basically ruled by reward. And rewards symbolize our goals and objectives. Say for instance, we have been functioning from the very beginning because we want to be doctors, lawyers, teachers or even just being a good wife or husband. Setting such goals motivates us to reach them which becomes the reward.

What is Motivation? A Look at Positive and Negative Motivators

We have also what we call positive motivation, which is the reaction that shows optimism and pleasure in the task involved. While a motivation is considered negative when it involves taking or doing tasks because there is coercion that is drawn and you are obliged to do so. Say for example, students need to study because if they don’t they will have low grades and will eventually fail in their subjects. This can be seen as a negative motivation.

Aspects like biological, psychological, social and cognitive are all engaged in this process. These are the ones that affect individuals on their logical thinking and development. People have several reasons for what and why they do certain things.

So to answer you on what is motivation with a very simple explanation, it’s the steering force that encourages us to reach our goals and intentions. Without being motivated, we lack the energy to do even small things. It’s what keeps us moving forward no matter how bad and hard circumstances may seem to be at times. And in order to keep moving, you need to be motivated.