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Category Archives: Time Management

The Definition of Time Management

Time management is defined as the strategy or method employed by using techniques and tools to schedule and use up time in the most effective way possible, so as to generate the maximum value for every second spent. Whether in the personal or the corporate realm, time management is important. This is because every time we do anything with our lives, time runs. Even the most seemingly simply movement of shifting our eyes from the computer monitor to the person sitting next to us already occupies...

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Using Software To Better Manage Your Time

Because we now live in the age of the Internet and technology, it often feels like a huge waste of time if we still keep our planning efforts based on paper and writing by hand. In fact, most people are now finding it easier to operate through daily tasks if they just type on the keyword or make a few clicks on their PDA stylus. Hand writing reminders and buying bulky planners are starting to become a thing of the past. Everybody has become so dependent on technology that the use of a simple...

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Time Management For Older College Students

Many college students are not in their early twenties any more. More and more, college student populations include a large percentage of older students and their need for time management differs greatly from the younger students. These older students have been in the armed services, have developed careers, have raised families, or were engaged in some other activities that led them to postpone their college educations. With some of these other responsibilities well managed or completed, they...

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