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Team Building Activities: How To Keep a Good Working Team

If you want your employees to be highly efficient in meeting the needs of your business, then you may want to provide them with team building activities. These types of interactions will heighten self awareness and knowledge in terms of interpersonal relationships that can contribute to productive outcomes in the workplace. And the person who possess the right leadership skills, will consider using these types of tools on a regular basis.

Why are Team Building Activities Necessary

Building up a productive workforce requires a process in which cooperation and oneness within a unit is developed gradually over time. Through team building activities constructed with this purpose in mind, you can help members recognize the importance of unity. And it’s even possible to encourage the types of relationships needed to reach the goals of your company.

Each and everyone within a department partakes in different tasks that make up the entire project. And so they must work together effectively in order to reach the required outcome within the time constraints. This is simulated within the team building activities helping members achieve the level of cooperation necessary. Furthermore, members are able to practice working together to achieve common goals in a much more relaxed atmosphere that usually carries over into the actual work place.

Team building activities are also instrumental in enhancing problem solving abilities of group members. These exercises vary from fun type games to novel ones that require tasks that are unique and even hilarious at times but designed to meet specific intentions. These exercises can easily be executed within any setting whether professional or social, be it a large or small group.

The Role of Ice Breakers

During team building activities, icebreakers can be utilized to bring together individuals and break the ice, so to speak. These are quick and fun activities needed to liven up the group and help people feel more at ease. They are also very useful when members are starting to become bored or sluggish.

These energizers are even more effective when done during a particular moment when energy is waning. And also when motivation seems to be decreasing. They also have the dual purpose of helping people to start working together more cohesively towards shared goals and plans.

Two Basic Examples of Team Building Activities

Below are two common exercises that may be short but full of fun and productive at the same time:

I Have Amnesia

In this game, a member must pretend that he or she suffers from amnesia. The other participants must act like this person doesn’t remember anything about their past. The victim then asks questions to gain more insight into who they are and what type of person they happen to be.

The rest of the group then tells them something that helps the amnesia victim regain familiarity and remember what they were like before they lost their memory.

Lined Up Birthdays

This is quite funny but is also one of the more challenging team building activities. In this game, division of groups is involved. You can have two or more groups depending upon the number of participants. Each team will compete with each other. The challenge is to line up alphabetically according to birthdays. The team who gets lined up first wins.

As you can see, team building activities are indeed important for a number of reasons. Everyone will harvest the bountiful effects such as better working relationships and a more productive working environment. And if these games and exercises are done from time to time they will ensure that your employees maintain motivation in every phase of their work while building constructive relationships in the process.