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Self Improvement Seminars

Attending self improvement seminars is common nowadays. Many businesses require their regular employees to attend such workshops at least once a year to help boost morale and build productivity. Some individuals enroll themselves in like classes because they want to be better at something. Even the seemingly most experienced among us enjoy an opportunity to participate in seminars that involve improving the self. This is man’s nature. Human beings are in the constant search for self...

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Self-Improvement Magazines at Discounted Prices

Self-improvement magazines can be quite helpful to those looking to make changes or improement to their attitudes or behaviors. And purchasing them at discounted prices is always a welcome situation. A lot of people claim that improving oneself is not an easy thing to do. Problems and difficulties with the entire process begin with the self as there is resistance to change much of the time. So, having up-to-date information like what is available from magazines can help get people moving in...

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Behavior Modification for Self-Improvement in a Catholic Perspective

The Catholic Church advocates constant self-improvement for what is good and Godly.  Catholics are expected to always aim for what God originally intended human beings to become. The world is indeed full of temptations to sin. Every form of sin committed is a deviation from the original design by God for human behavior. This gives more reason for people to regularly read the Holy Bible so that God’s words will be their shield from the devil’s deceiving ways. Reading God’s words...

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Change of Behaviors for Self-Improvement

Any type of change in human behavior involves resistance. This is because one has to go outside of his comfort zone. Such changes aren’t always welcomed easily by the unconscious since they obviously require more effort to cope well with these new situations. However, that is the only way to effect positive change. Change has never been considered as something easy to accomplish. In spite of this, change is essential in all aspects of life if improvement is to occur. And if we...

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How Colleges Celebrate Self-Improvement Month

As part of a school’s constant advocacy towards self-improvement, a specific month is usually set aside as self-improvement month every school year. In such circumstances, there are celebrations and various activities that further promote and encourage young people to always change for the better. Efforts toward self-improvement don’t, in any way, contradict with the uniqueness of an individual. It is true that every person has his own capabilities. However, these individual...

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