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Category Archives: Self Development

Personal Growth and Development For A Positive New You

In this day and age, the term personal growth and development has become a popular set of buzz words. A phrase we hear everywhere as people look to discover more about who they are. And as they look inside and outside themselves for the answers of how to better their lives through their own self development. No one’s life is perfect, which means there are always areas in need of improvement. Therefore, seeking personal growth and development will help get you on a path of positive change....

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Soft Skills: Understanding The Need To Improve Them

With the current job market, your soft skills are of even greater importance than they were in the past. Think of it this way. Let’s say that you’re an employer looking to hire someone to fill one open position for a team of workers. And let’s also say that you have 10 candidates that have excellent technical abilities applying for this job. However, only one of these ten also has really good interpersonal skills. Which one would you hire? Does this make you want to consider...

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Personal Development Planning: Bring Out Your Strength

The first aim of personal development planning is to determine your strengths and weaknesses. This is done with the goal in mind of boosting your strengths and decreasing your weaknesses by setting up a plan for developing these abilities and skills. Just like any other developmental process, it consists of a step by step procedure that you need to accomplish one at a time. However, there are some who believe self development is only needed when the situation requires it. But then there are...

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