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Personal Growth and Development For A Positive New You

In this day and age, the term personal growth and development has become a popular set of buzz words. A phrase we hear everywhere as people look to discover more about who they are. And as they look inside and outside themselves for the answers of how to better their lives through their own self development.

No one’s life is perfect, which means there are always areas in need of improvement. Therefore, seeking personal growth and development will help get you on a path of positive change. Even though many books have been published on this topic, there are still people who have a difficult time coping effectively with life. This fact alone propels them into searching for tools to acquire the strengths and skills needed for self-improvement in one way or another.

What is Personal Growth and Development?

Okay, but what really is personal growth and development all about? Basically it incorporates activities that promote an understanding of our own talents, potential, self awareness and individuality. Thus, it helps enhance lifestyles and contributes to the realization of dreams and goals.

This, nevertheless, doesn’t limit its scope to self help but also entails formal and informal learning. Yes, the type of preparation we need for life roles to become whatever we set our hearts to in the way of careers or jobs is also included.

According to Aristotle, the famous Greek philosopher, “All men by nature desire knowledge.” This means that as humans, we have this innate passion of striving to find the ways and means to optimize our skills and capabilities. And all the while looking to better understand ourselves and the world.

The goal of personal growth and development is to help you become self efficient and perpetuating. Moreover, it strives to sustain internal balance with your thoughts, feelings, and actions that ensure you generate a life you deeply desire. Surely, it entails time, effort and perseverance.

How to Begin

Everyone has their own path to personal growth and development. However, there are basic steps that may be valuable in your journey for self improvement. Let’s examine a few of these.

Establish a Foundation

Begin by setting up a concrete and solid foundation. You do this by discovering who you are, what you utterly want and what your abilities and potential capabilities are. Only then can you establish your values and guiding principles that will steer your future actions.

Change Your Self-Concept

Self concept is more than just how you see yourself. Its also different from your self image which is just the way you assess or evaluate yourself. Modify your present concept of yourself into a more ideal self. Say you want to be more confident. If so, then see yourself as a confident person and proceed to act like one. This is one way of motivating yourself to change as you move through the course of personal growth and development.

Stop Dwelling on Negative Thoughts

Negative thought disrupt your positive functioning. It’s healthy to acknowledge these thoughts but never settle down with them. Instead, look for a colorful and brighter future. Having a positive outlook with loads of passion helps a lot in the process of personal growth and development.

When it comes to true personal growth and development, it’s important to focus on developing areas of real passion. Of course, discipline is a vital element of success. And last but not least, surround yourself with positive people who support you and a wonderful domino effect will follow.