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Motivation Techniques to Apply When the Going gets Tough

You may not be aware of it but you are practicing motivation techniques everyday of your life. This is initially seen when you force yourself to wake in the wee hours of the morning to prepare for the day ahead.

The same motivation is the one that gets you through the rough day even though you felt that you can’t finish it at the start. And do you know what makes you feel at the end of the day? Motivation. With this in mind, you are looking forward for the next day with the thought that you are getting nearer your chosen goal.

You may encounter times when you feel like you don’t have enough motivation to get you going. It is during these times that you need to remember some motivation techniques so the going will not seem as tough.

What are they?

1. Visualize your goal

A solid goal is something that you can picture once in awhile or whenever you need to motivate yourself to do more. Take for example the process of losing weight. More often than not, you visualize a person with the kind of body you want to have. That person serves as your visual motivation.

The best thing to do is have a picture or poster put in a location you will come upon everyday. It may be in the door of your fridge or beside the bathroom mirror. This way, you will be reminded everyday of the goal that you want to achieve.

2. Reward yourself

You may realize that you are losing some of your excess weight little by little. You can reward yourself with something once you have gotten to a certain weight requirement. Perhaps you can buy that new dress in your new smaller size.

Promise to get yourself another reward in case you get to the next weight loss level. This way, you are given something to look forward to. Think of something that you really want. That would be enough to get you to your goal in the fastest time.

3. Write your goals

According to studies, people who write their goals have a bigger chance of keeping and achieving them. This is in contrast to just thinking and telling other people about it.

Writing it out is like binding yourself to a contract that needs to be followed to the letter. In this case, it is between you, yourself and your goal. After listing them down, put it in a place where you can review and reread them over or when you feel that you are losing track about where you are headed.

4. Be confident

Start wearing dresses that can shed off instant pounds. When you notice that there are changes in your body, don’t loose some of your motivation. Continue on doing what you have started.

Show all your friends what you have achieved so far. Indulge in the praises and comments that they will bestow on you. These are not signs that you need to stop and take it easy. Instead, it is a sign that you are doing a great job and is halfway in attaining your goal.

These motivation techniques are the ones that majority of people are doing. It can be noted that these same techniques are also the ones that have helped people achieve even the most impossible of goals. Are you doing the same?