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Management Skills: What It Takes To Be Successful

Excellent management skills are necessary in order to possess the quality of being effective and efficient in all aspect of life. Yes, we all find ourselves in positions where we need to supervise not only others but ourselves as well. And I’m sure you already know how important time management skills are if we want to accomplish anything.

May it be in our family affairs, romantic relationships or jobs, the quality of our ability to manage can make or break us. However, much focus has been put on the development of management skills in the business world so this is where we will place our focus.

Where Did This Concept of Management Skills Originate?

The word manage comes from the Italian word maneggiare which means to handle. The word management came along between the 17th and 18th century. And in its simplest sense it’s defined as the human action to plan and propose as well as to assist in the fabrication of necessary and constructive outcomes from a system.

Henri Fayol is one of the most significant contributors to the concept of management skills. According to him, managing is comprised of several major functions. These are forecasting, planning, organizing, commanding, coordinating and controlling.

On the other hand, Mary Parker Follett describes it as “the art of getting things done through people”. In other words she conceived it more as a philosophy. And one that makes a lot of sense, if you ask me.

Skills Important in Managing


The first and foremost element in effective management skills is communication. One must know how to respond and communicate effectively. A good manager should be capable of motivating and supervise people through this important skill.

And let’s not forget observation, which is a sub-element of communication. When one knows how to communicate effectively then you’re able to make intelligent and necessary observations. Being a keen observer helps you act accordingly while being able to respond to the groups needs. In other words, you need to be sensitive in order to see hidden motives and aspects.

Leadership Skills

We have this old cliché that leaders cannot be made, they are born. That is an erroneous belief. The reason why development exists justifies the fallacy made by that statement. Leaders can indeed be made as well as honed.

But not all people are good leaders. And in order to be a good one, you should be able to instill trust in other people. Management skills grant you only part of what is needed. The other important components include transparency, accountability, integrity and legitimacy. These characters go hand in hand, which means to be a good leader you need everyone.

Time Management Skills

This is considered another one of the crucial factor in management skills. Managing time is a very difficult job. And because of that, one should know how to set and achieve goals within deadlines, all of which requires much knowhow and expertise.

Team Building

Unity is essential in every group or organization. If there is no oneness, no work or goals can be accomplished. To be able to instill cooperation, one must know how to guide, motivate and hone people with their own skills. Communication must be active in order to avoid misunderstandings, conflicts and disunity.

Computer Savvy

And as we face this new era of technology, an excellent leader must be equipped with the knowledge of several digital items and procedures. One needs to be acquainted with Internet and computer usage as well as other technical instruments.

Good management skills really are the most important factor in the course of setting and achieving goals. Now, if you want to develop yourself, there are several types of training available. These programs will help you develop and polish the capabilities you will personally need. So check them out for your own future growth and development.