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How To Manage Anger

Anger is an inevitable part of life and therefore it’s important to know ways for how to manage anger properly. The thing about anger is that it can affect people in different ways. There are those who lose patience and give in to their temper easily. And then there are others that are more capable of managing it quite appropriately.

However, the management of anger can at times be a tough job for many of us. For although, it’s a normal human emotion and there’s nothing wrong with feeling mad at times, we all still need to have a good set of coping mechanisms readily available to help us keep our anger in check. And most of us can always use a few more tips to manage it more effectively.

All about Anger – Reasons for Lack of Control

Anger is a behavioral or emotional reaction of annoyance to an unmet expectation or demand. And it’s helpful to understand the basic reasons behind lack of control of this emotion.

This lack of control may be due to a number of different reasons such as:

  • Learned behavior, passed down through the generations.
  • Lack of knowledge about good coping skills.
  • Hormones which cause certain mood swings and confused emotions.
  • Stress which can play a role in why a person tends to get mad easily.
  • Personality as some people feel emotions intensely resulting in the loss of control.

3 Basic Components of Anger

Anger has three basic components including thinking, feeling and acting. The thinking part is negative thoughts and beliefs about others. While the feeling part includes from low to high levels of disappointment, annoyance, resentment and contempt. And these thoughts and feelings can be turned into actions which may be harmful to self or others.

Manage Anger Through Self-awareness

As it’s a powerful emotion, managing it can be a challenging task. It takes plenty of self-awareness and self-control to deal with this feeling. And new skills may take time to develop.

Self-awareness is the ability to know and understand oneself. It’s important that each person take the time necessary to become aware of the things that can make him or her lose their temper. And when confronted with the same situations in the future, that person needs to have tools in place to handle it appropriately.

Manage Rage Through Self-control

Self-control is all about thinking before one acts. In situations wherein a person is mad it’s easy to lose control. Self control puts some seconds or minutes between feeling a strong emotion and acting impulsively in a way that one is deemed to regret. Together, these two ways allow an individual to have more choice about how to act when feeling an intense emotion such as anger.

To sum it all up, there are various ways to manage anger. Knowing how to control this intense feeling can take time, patience and practice. Managing it means developing new skills and new responses. Make a commitment right now to gain control over this emotion by discovering new and useful coping skills and to not let it control you ever again.