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Getting Ahead With A Role Model

To be the best at what you’re doing, you need to learn from the best and set your goals for where you want to be. Scout for a role model or two whose characteristics and work ethics you can emulate. You’d even be luckier if you have this person as your mentor, as well. Your role model doesn’t have to work for the same company, or even in the same industry that you do.

Also, be careful not to copycat or mimic everything about them. When you copy the way they talk or come across to others, that’s just going way overboard. You need to be yourself. So, incorporate the style but adjust it to your own personality.

Just pay close attention to their admirable characteristics and incorporate them into your very own formula for success. Just a tip: successful people don’t just leave things be. The determination and drive to do the next big thnig is great in people who have earned their place in society. With this in mind, ask your role model what motivates them. Knowing what keeps them going will surely encourage you to stay on the path to success yourself.

It’s not always about luck either. If you keep passing up the chance to lead in the meeting with a big client, or take that promotional exam, you’ll find that the opportunities may soon pass you by. Don’t be among those people who cop out and slip into the trap or adopting an ‘if things are meant to be, then they will happen’ philosophy.

Opportunity doesn’t come to those who are lucky. Instead, it comes to those who seek it out. Only by springing into action can you create the chance for it to become the reality that you so want and deserve.

If you fail, then try again. Failure isn’t an indication that it’s over. How do you expect to excel in your field when you give up immediately after committing a career faux pas? Yes, people can be critical and rude, especially when you fall short of their expectations. But if you want to succeed and you’re thirsty enough for triumph, there’s no substitute for simply sticking your neck out and going the extra mile.

If you mess up, then try again. Learn from each experience and don’t stop until you finally get the job done right. You can’t go anywhere and achieve anything if you’re too fearful to take that important step forward. You know what they say… try, try and try again.

And once you’ve reached that place that makes you happy, don’t sit back and relax. Work harder than ever to make people see why you deserve to be there. While some may still be jealous of your position, you still can’t help it if others look down on you.

But, if you insist on using other people’s gauge of success, you’d most likely fall short of their success meter. That’s why it’s vital that you define success in your own way and with your own terms. You can start by listing all your goals and knowing how to reach each one of them. Pinning down your objectives keeps you on the path towards your career’s ultimate destination. Stay true to yourself and hold firm to what you want out of life. And you will succeed.