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Free Self Confidence Information and Advice

Many of us are in need of some free self-confidence information especially since it’s often said that one of the most important personal qualities you need to have in order to be successful and face the world with your head held high is self-confidence. “But what actually is self-confidence?”, you might be asking yourself right about now.

We all know and use the word and we all know who around us shows self-confidence but can you actually put words to what the statement,”She sure has lots of self-confidence.” really means?

If you’re not really sure what the answer is, let me offer you some free self-confidence information and advice.

Self-confidence plain and simple is an attitude about yourself and your abilities that says you have a positive belief in yourself that you can and will take control of your life and any plans you have for success. People with high self-confidence don’t rely on the approval from others to accomplish their goals. In fact, they will charge ahead on things important to them in spite of what others may have to say.

You know the type of person I’m talking about…

…The person at work that goes full steam ahead even though everyone around them says it can’t be done.

…People who take full advantage of every opportunity that comes their way.

…Even that guy in the office who without hesitation jumps up and tells the boss to give that next exciting project to him because he’ll do a fantastic job. Why, he even goes so far as to say that he’ll do the job better than anyone else can.

…It’s probably even the person in your office that you secretly think to yourself, “That person sure has guts! Why can’t I be like that.”

Now, if you’re not one of the above types of confident people but you are one of the ones secretly admiring those people then take a look at the following free self-confidence advice to help you develop the attitude you need to become one of “them.”

Work To Overcome Being Self-Conscious

The opposite of self-confidence is being self-conscious. And this is where you need to start. I know, I know, your next question is, “How can I tell if I’m too self-conscious?”

You’re too self-conscious if you feel overly anxious about situations ahead of you. In fact, you become so anxious that fear sets in and you just can’t take that next step to move yourself forward in whatever it is that you truly would like to do. Thoughts goes through your head such as, “I can’t do that, I’m sure I would mess it up.” or ” I can’t get up there and talk in front of all of those people. I’m sure I’ll make a mistake and they will all laugh at me.”

The trick is to not focus so much on what is coming ahead of you. Fear or worry about something that hasn’t even happened yet only tends to immobilize you for no good reason at all. So, instead divert your attention away from this negative tendency by focusing on positive self talk.

Push away the negative and replace it with words like, “I always do a good job and I will this time as well.” or “I know this information better than anyone else and I will present the information with poise and courage.”

Here’s another great free self-confidence tip. If you’re uncomfortable being around lots of people, work on ways to be  more comfortable and just do it instead of saying you can’t and moving on. Saying you can’t do something and just not doing it keeps you stuck and not moving forward toward your goals and success in life.

Remember, in any fight, you can’t ever win if you never face your enemy. This time, your enemy is your discomfort when there are too many people around. So, find ways to deal with this situation and just do it. Start by taking some steps to relieve the discomfort, which as I stated earlier begins with your own self talk.

Here are a few free self-confidence ideas to get you started on the right track:

  • Push the negativity out of your head and replace it with only positive words of encouragement.
  • Ask a friend to introduce you to other people to help you break the ice and get the ball rolling.
  • Another useful tip is to find out information about the other people you’re interested in meeting before the event. This way you’ll feel more comfortable approaching them since you will be well prepared for striking up a conversation with them. You could even practice things to talk with them about based on their particular interests.
  • Set a realistic goal for yourself such as, “I will talk with 2 people for a minimum of ten minutes each before leaving.” Make sure the goal you set is one that you know you can live by so that once you do leave you will feel some success which will help to boost your confidence in yourself for your next encounter.

Overcoming self-consciousness takes work and courage but knowing what has to be done can make it easier for you to get moving in the right direction. And before you know it your discomfort and low confidence will be a thing of the past.