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Examples of Positive Thinking

Positive thinking works on the basic principles that people are visual and is often motivated by images that they perceive as beneficial. This principle is applied on the four different levels of thoughts namely spiritual, social, material, and mental. Each of these levels varies in their needed degree of positive thinking.

Aspiring for Material Wealth

The aspiration to obtain material wealth demands for a great degree of will power and self-discipline. People who want to gain wealth should try to eliminate all inhibitions that will prevent them from acquiring their desired prosperity.

For instance, if you are a life insurance agent in order for you to increase your sales you should remove all negative attitudes such as insecurities, shyness, laziness and others that hinder you from closing deals.

By developing positive thinking you will be able to gain the confidence that you need to approach even those high profile personalities. And of course, that is where you start making big money and eventually realizing the prosperous life that you dreamed of.

The Role of Positive Thinking in Developing Positive Mental Attitude

Positive thinking is basically employed to develop not only the attitude but also the mental capabilities of people. Positive thinking has the power to change and provide people with a purpose in life especially in their most depressing moments.

Positive thinking gives people the strength to go on and to become hopeful of the future. It helps people to see the bright side even when things are in their darkest. And this is exactly the goal of positive thinking, to develop a mental attitude that will help people cope with whatever situations that life may present them.

Achieving Social Goals by Means of Positive Thinking

Shyness or inferiority complex is one the reasons why people tend to be socially aloof. This is not a good attitude to develop since it prevents personality development plus it hinders all opportunities of a person to obtain future success. Aside from that, we need to socialize in order to enhance our experience and knowledge will help us later as we go along with our lives.

Positive thinking can help remove social barriers that are basically products of a negative conception of one’s personality. You see its not that people don’t like you but it’s more of your negative attitude towards others that makes them shun you.

Shyness to you may not seem offensive but to other people such behavior sends out negative impressions since you make them think that you don’t like them when in fact you are just plain timid.

By developing positive thinking you will be able to free yourself from all the negative inhibitions that you have develop for so long. However, you just can’t develop positive thinking overnight you have to repetitively practice self-affirmations until you finally gain the confidence that you need for a socially fulfilling life.

Attaining Spiritual Goals through Positive Thinking

As what Norman Vincent Peale has written on his book the Power of Positive Thinking – positive thinking is synonymous to faith. He said that if you believe so strongly that something wonderful could happen to you then that will happen to you.