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Emotional Intelligence Test – Knowing Oneself

No one knows you better than yourself. Or so many of us would like to believe. But in reality we may know less about ourselves than anyone.

This is the purpose of testing and the reason many of us need the use of an emotional intelligence test to help us find out more about ourselves and the areas where we could use some improvement.

Knowing oneself is the ideal yet only a few have ever achieved this specific state. As I said, many may claim to be fully aware of the emotions underlying their personalities or the triggering instances that bring on these emotions. And many of us may even pretend that we understand ourselves fully.

Some may even go further as to claiming that they discern the reality of their lives from an objective perspective. However, the sad truth is that achieving that ideal state takes deep realization and acceptance of things that few of us ever fully achieve.

Being human, we all have the tendency to blind ourselves of our flaws. We are too myopic to see our own imperfections. But once we’re confronted with situations that open our eyes to the truths, we must decide for ourselves to accept this information as truth or continue to deny and run back to the safety of our own delusions.

An emotional intelligence test can work like an eye opener to us if we make the choice to accept what we find out about ourselves. The purpose of these tests however isn’t to give you another way to put yourself down but as a way to help you learn to accept and appreciate your flaws and imperfections.

Once we acknowledge and accept these things about ourselves and only then can we begin the work of changing and improving them to make our life better.

It’s often hard for us to accept this kind of information from another person. Our first thought is how do they know or why do they think they’re right and I’m wrong. It’s much more difficult for us to reject what a test has to say and often times much easier to hear what an emotional intelligence test has to tell us.

This also is part of our human nature. Yes, it seems we humans tend to trust the word of a test much more readily than the opinion of another human being.

Now remember, when it comes to emotional intelligence tests, were not looking for perfect scores. There are no perfect emotions and there are no perfect reactions to specific stimuli. It’s just that we develop certain emotional reactions according to the conditions by which we are or were subjected to. Your emotional intelligence is the product of your reactions.

Thus, if you reacted negatively under a specific circumstance, it’s more likely that you have developed a portion of your emotional intelligence based on that negative reaction. If so, then you might have developed a flawed way of dealing with that emotion.

The problem is, we rarely recognize our flaws unless we are exposed to conditions that provide the means to help us face our blemishes. And that’s exactly why an emotional intelligence test is administered. These tests help us know more about ourselves in a way that we can accept and therefore improve.

Through these EQ tests people are becoming aware of ways to develop their emotional intelligence so as to create fuller lives.

Emotional intelligence tests are now being integrated into educational systems and organizations to help determine the potential and true characteristics of the individuals they are working with so they can help them learn and work more effectively.

Becoming fully aware of our emotional intelligence and the facets that encircle our personalities will help enrich our knowledge of ourselves. Thus, we will be helped in becoming better, more successful people. In the end, our claim of knowing ourselves will no longer be a veil that we use to hide our imperfections but a mirror that will reflect the true self that lies within.