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Emotional Intelligence Techniques to Improve Your Life

Emotional intelligence is a fairly new breakthrough and therefore, so are emotional intelligence techniques. Many people think that an IQ test can determine how successful a person is going to be in life.

However, psychologists disagree with this notion. They believe that an IQ test doesn’t really determine the full abilities of any person as it doesn’t take into account a person’s ability to cope with emotions. And this ability is what they believe is the more important characteristic in determining progress and success in life.

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is our ability to perceive and assess the emotions of ourselves as well as the emotions of other people.

People who find themselves lacking in EQ often turn to destructive things to help them cope with their problems. But with this new line of thinking many professionals have developed emotional intelligence techniques to help them increase their emotional intelligence and live happier more successful lives.

However, unlike book knowledge which can be assimilated through a class or through reading, emotional intelligence is mostly acquired through our life experiences. Some people have the right amount of emotional intelligence ingrained in them from their childhood, giving them the ability to cope with people and life as a whole.

And yet others who aren’t quite so lucky struggle with their emotions throughout their life. Now with more focus directed at our emotions and techniques to help those less fortunate find ways to nurture and strengthen their EQ this is changing.

Here are a few emotional intelligence techniques to help you increase your own level of EQ. By following these techniques, you will be able to raise your awareness of the full range of human emotions and their effects on you and other people in your life.

Develop Your Emotional Literacy –

You need to learn how to give your emotions labels in order to understand them better. Many people who fail to understand their feelings tend to blame other people or their environment for their emotions. You need to understand your feelings instead of lashing out at other people or your environment.

Turn Emotion Into Positive Energy –

When you feel angry, try to use the energy that the feeling brings. Use that energy to do something productive. This emotional intelligence technique will not only help you cope with your emotions but it will also help you succeed in life.

When you begin to feel angry remember that anger brings with it energy. It’s okay to feel anger, but you need to release the energy it brings by doing something that won’t harm yourself, other people or things. And if at all possible do something constructive with this anger. Hit a punching bag and imagine it to be the source of your anger.

Show Respect For Others –

This emotional intelligence technique will help you improve your social interaction. In a nutshell, this EQ technique is based on the famous proverb “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you”.

Before you take an action, remember that you’re not the only one with emotions. You need to consider the possibility that your actions may be disrespectful of other people’s emotions.

Choose Friends Wisely –

You need to be careful about choosing who you hang around with. This technique helps you make sure that you foster your self-esteem. By choosing the right people, you will be able to hang around with those who care about your emotions.

Take Responsibility For Your Emotions –

Stop thinking that other people make you happy or sad. You should realize the fact that you’re in control of your emotions. You could feel “down in the dumps” but it’s not the fault of others.

Become aware of the fact that you have made the choice to feel that way. Say things like, “I feel angry.”, instead of, “You make me angry.” This emotional intelligence technique can go a long way in helping you live a happy and successful life.