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Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman and the Effect on Education

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Potential into Performance

According to his book, “Emotional Intelligence”, Daniel Goleman believes our level of emotional intelligence has a profound effect on education. In fact, according to his belief, it may even be the most important factor in our ability to learn, grow and succeed in life.

This is quite a profound statement since it’s widely believed that education is one of the most important things in life. It is through education that we manage to pass on the progress that humanity has made down through the centuries.

Knowledge is the key to humanity’s progress and knowledge takes time to uncover. And without the ability to educate ourselves about the knowledge gained by others before us much of the progress humanity has made would be lost. There is no person on earth who can ensure the continuity of knowledge all by him/herself. In order to ensure the progress of humanity, people must be educated.

The Debate on Emotional Intelligence

People have different opinions regarding the educational system today. And some are skeptical of Daniel Goleman’s theory on the effects of emotional intelligence on education. This idea of emotional intelligence is being strongly debated around the world.

Some people say that the educational system is far too lax and that students are unable to learn what they need to because the teachers are reduced to acting as facilitators or referees.

While others feel that the current educational system is more effective, since students can learn at their own pace and are encouraged by the friendlier atmosphere of the classroom.

Before this book came out, it was speculated that emotions may have something to do with learning and that feeling are not just a distraction for students from their studies. However, people rarely took these views seriously. Prior to Daniel Goleman’s “Emotional Intelligence”, the education sector didn’t really consider the possibility that emotions could have such a big impact on academic proficiency.

IQ or EQ? – That is the Question

But now Daniel Goleman’s “Emotional Intelligence” is affecting education in a very deep way. It opened the eyes of educators to the possibility that emotions could be a greater factor in determining success in the educational system instead of IQ alone. Daniel Goleman’s “Emotional Intelligence” opened education to the possibility that emotions may even be responsible for a student’s success.

In the past, academic prowess was often determined through IQ tests. However, because of Daniel Goleman’s “Emotional Intelligence”, education was given a whole new outlook. People realized the fact that not every person with a high IQ enjoyed success.

The importance of emotional intelligence is that it helps a person cope with their environment. A person needs a high level of emotional intelligence because of the simple fact that he/she must be able to understand and relate with every part of his/her being in order to utilize what we have been given effectively.

Disregard Emotional Intelligence to Your Own Peril

People who try to disregard emotions when it comes to learning and business find that they are actually limited by their own unwillingness to tap into the power that their own level of emotional intelligence can bring them.

Because of Daniel Goleman’s “Emotional Intelligence” theories, educators now have a better idea of how to make learning more effective for students. Instead of trying to convince students to put their emotions on the back burner when they’re studying, facilitators are now encouraging them to nurture their emotions and find ways to apply their own emotional intelligence to real life situations.

Because of this, students are given a fresh method of studying, learning and educating themselves. They’ve actually been given a new source of strength, which they can harness in order to accelerate their progress.

The effect of Daniel Goleman’s “Emotional Intelligence” on education can be illustrated this way.

Emotions Are Like Wild Horses

For a long time, people were told not to go near horses because they could get hurt. However, through the years, people discovered many methods for people to use that have enable them to ride the horses.

And in this same way, through the discoveries of emotional intelligence theories, we have been given a new form of transportation to take us into the future more successfully than ever before