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Emotional Intelligence Articles – The Amazing Power of Words

Emotional intelligence articles can be found everywhere these days as this subject is one that is being widely considered and quite often discussed at length. Writing has been a way for humans to express ourselves since the beginning of time and is still our most valuable form of communication.

We know about important things throughout the history of earth because there were people who cared enough to find a way to write them down, at first as simple drawings in caves and now onto millions of pages of papers and even across the Internet.

We have all been able to study and learn philosophy because philosophers of the ancient times understood the importance of preserving their thoughts in writing. We know about so many fascinating and wonderful things about life because so many people through time have written down their own accounts on it.

And now this is how the concepts of emotional intelligence have been able to spread its way all around the world dozen of times over.

Emotional Intelligence and Daniel Goleman

It began with the book on Emotional Intelligence by the psychologist and author Daniel Goleman who has revolutionized the views of people in regards to a person’s ability to succeed. And now people everywhere are writing emotional intelligence articles in favor of and even in contradiction to this revolutionary concept.

For long, people believed that the only true determinant of a person’s ability to achieve is his intellect. This has been measured through the Intellectual Quotient or what we simply call IQ. IQ therefore is the measure of how intelligent a person is depending on the level of his ability for logical analysis and a number of other fields.

We don’t know exactly why so many people readily embraced emotional intelligence as fact but this doesn’t negate the fact that many have also disagreed with Daniel Goleman and have presented their own evidence as to why emotional intelligence shouldn’t be recognized as a part of intelligence.

With the rise of controversies and interest in this new field, many authors have shared their opinions through many emotional intelligence articles. These articles have now either added to the present knowledge or like I said have scrutinized the concepts most thoroughly and found what they believe are holes in this new field in psychology.

The Wisdom of Emotional Intelligence Articles

In spite of these negative emotional intelligence articles, the general public has found wisdom in using this new belief about emotions to help them make improvements in their lives and in the people they want to become.

Words definitely have this power to influence our thoughts. To help us realize what must be accepted and what must be denied. Words have created so many changes in mankind. Because of words, nations fell. Because of words, wars were started. Because of words, a person changes.

There are endless possibilities for what words can bring about. And living in our present environments, words still rule our thoughts, our decisions and our knowledge of things. In a word, things may change. In a word, things will find their value. And by the use of words, we will find the changes and values between any of the issues we are confronted with.

The articles that we encounter on emotional intelligence are all great contributions to the knowledge we have on emotions and how they affect us human beings. The focal point of all change occurred when the book on Emotional Intelligence emerged onto the scene.

Emotional intelligence articles have and will continue to provide us with insight into the workings of this concept and it’s affect in our lives and on the knowledge man has on emotional intelligence. You might find some disproving information as provided by other articles and you might find many that support the claims of the pioneers in this new field.

Nevertheless, we can’t deny the truth that no matter how useless an emotional intelligence article may seem, there are still grains of truths that are embedded in them. And each of these grains is a tiny contributor to the greater scheme of things