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Effective Communication Skills

Effective communication skills are the main keys for one to achieve success in the fields of work, life and relationships. Communicating effectively is an important aspect in an individuals daily life as it reduces misunderstandings and conflicts. Also, it’s the foundation skill for one to establish rapport and connect with other people.

The ability to communicate effectively can be learned and ideally developed from an early age. By developing these skills, one can influence others in a positive way. Learning about communication and how to acquire these skills can help one to convey information effectively.

What is Good Communication?

Being able to communicate well is required in all stages of life, since communicating is the process by which information is exchanged between individuals or a group of people. Through this means, people convey their thoughts, intentions and objectives as clearly as possible.

The process is successful only when the sender and receiver understand the same information. However, many individuals today still struggle with communicating effectively even though it’s something we all attempt to do daily. And this really does hold them back not only with their careers but in social and personal relationships as well. Nowadays, with advancing technology it has become increasingly more important to acquire these skills.

What are the Steps to Good Communication?

Know the Purpose and What To Say

An individual needs to understand the purpose and the intent of the message before it’s even delivered. Knowing the purpose for the conversation and how to get the points across are important in order to convey the correct message and leave a good impression. It’s also essential to consider the barriers to the communication such as differences in language, culture or situational circumstances.

Know How to Say It

It’s not always what one says but how one says it that leaves a great impression. In order to build rapport, a person needs to make eye to eye contact as this will send a message to the recipient of sincerity and confidence. An approachable stance along with posture that displays confidence and openness also helps make difficult conversations flow more smoothly.


Every person needs to bear in mind that communicating is a two way street. When you are finished with what you have to say stop, listen and look for feedback and clues for comprehension. It’s necessary to ensure that the message has been clearly and correctly understood. Active listening is an important skill to acquire.

Reach Understanding

To communicate effectively is to understand and be understood. It’s necessary to make sure that the message has been received and any questions have been answered. There is no guarantee that all of your efforts will be met with compliance but as long as the sender and receiver reach an understanding of exactly what was said, the exchange is still successful.

In the modern world we live in today, these tools are necessary to stay afloat amidst the competition. Take heed of what has been discussed here to enhance your skills. However, don’t stop with just this basic information, take a moment to search for more ways to develop your skills and stay ahead of the game.