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Developing Communication Skills For Speaking and Listening

Initiating a conversation is a good first step in developing good communication skills. However, effective communication skills can’t be acquired overnight as they need to be learned, practiced and developed. For project managers, journalists, public media spokes people, broadcasters and a list of other career professionals, effective communication skills are extremely important. And if you fall within these categories it’s even more important for you to work diligently at...

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Using Good Communication Skills in Student Life

Many students, often wonder why they are required to take communication and public speaking classes, but in the real sense, such classes are meant to teach us how to develop good communication skills that will be necessary throughout our life. These classes prepare students in real life scenarios where they interact with professors, students, departments head, student organizations and different types of people in different setting and situation. One instance where it’s important to have...

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Are Communication Skills Necessary for Caregivers?

The answer as to whether caregiver are in need of good communication skills is a definite YES. This is because caregivers are required to effectively communicate with their clients for many hours out of each and every day. But let’s first begin with, “what is a caregiver?” A caregiver is a person who attends to the needs of a sick or disabled person or dependent child. Caregivers should be flexible since they need to adapt to the needs of their clients. Also caregivers just...

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Reading the Unreadable: Communication Skills for Pharmacists

“I thought communication skills were for teachers.” is the most common phrase uttered by people when they hear of communication skills for pharmacists. What they don’t realize is the fact that everyone needs to have effective communication skills to succeed in life. Even though everyone needs communication skills, each person requires a different set of skills. This is because each of our dreams and goals need different factors in order for us to reach them. The development of...

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Needs Assessment and Communication Skills: An Efficient Tool For Attracting Customers

Communication has been part of our civilization for so long that it’s hard to fathom how some people still fail to understand each other. Yet everyday, people continue to make mistakes because of misunderstanding in communication. Everyday, people fight and argue because they misinterpreted what the other person was saying. Messages get garbled because people lack effective communication skills. Effective communication skills, unlike what some people might claim, don’t just come...

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Imperfection: Responding to Communication Skills Assessment

Not all of us are effective in communicating. In fact, when you take a look at the world today, a lot of us have trouble getting a simple message across. We all have a pretty good idea about what we want to let others know, but most of us don’t have the right idea about how to go about expressing it. However, it’s rather easy to improve our communication skills and the first step to improvement is being able to see what mistakes we are making in the first place. This is the reason...

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