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Chinese Foods as Symbols for Happiness

The Chinese culture and tradition are indeed very rich and steeped in promoting happiness especially through symbols. History tells us that the Chinese culture has its roots to the oldest as well as to the most complex civilization known to humankind.

Through all of the Chinese practice during the New Year, there are innumerable things that the Chinese people utilize in order to ensure luck and happiness for the year ahead. In relation to the celebration of the Spring Festival, there are nonetheless the foods which are known to be happiness symbols.

We all know that the New Year is a celebration for all of the clan to get together. For the Chinese, the event likewise ushers health, prosperity, and happiness to every family member. Of course the food to be prepared must go along with the goal or purpose that the family is geared towards.

Here is a list of the must-have food during the New Year celebration that stand as happiness symbols:

The hot pot

The steaming hot pot or which is rather known as the Chinese fondue stuffed with seafood, meat, and vegetable is said to be a must. The hot pot ushers booming and prosperity.

The fish

Particularly the fish yu is a famous dish to be served during the Chinese New Year celebration. The fish is meant to stand for abundance or surplus. Usually, the fish is served as steamed during the eve of the Chinese New Year for the reunion dinner. Another belief that goes along with the serving of the fish is that the head, the bones, and the tail must be left all intact.

The shrimp

The shrimp stands for a good well being and happiness for the start of the year.

The boiled dumplings

Shaped like those gold ingots, the boiled dumplings have been a part of the Chinese New Year celebration. The dumplings mean the hour when the New Year is in transition. In the northern part of China, the dumplings are packed with meat and are eaten in order to bring in wealth and good luck for the year to come.

At times, there is a coin that is being placed in any of the dumplings and it is believed that the person who will bite into it will experience wealth in the new year ahead. Also, the yellow noodles and the dumplings when cooked as one get to stand for the “golden threads through gold ingots”. In Hangzhou, Shanghai, and Suzhou, the egg dumplings are served and eaten for they look exactly like the gold ingots.

The oyster

Oyster means good things. As a practice in the southern part of China, the oysters are served together with the thin rice noodles.

The green vegetables

The green vegetables are believed to strengthen the close family ties since they mean intimate or close.

The sticky rice cake

The steamed cake which is made up of rice flour and then topped with the red dates signifies the attainment of more prosperity and then rank for the new year.

The noodles

Noodles are always associated with long life.

Isn’t it that the Chinese way of life is centered on good fortune? Although not all of us are Chinese by blood or belief, there is nothing wrong if we do follow the practice of serving these foods as happiness symbols for the New Year. Happiness can’t be totally credited to destiny. It is a matter of finding effective ways to achieve it. But then you must not depend your happiness on these foods. They are just but enhancements.