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Consulting Solutions


Founded by Marsha Beslic, Potential into Performance Consulting (PIPC) is backed with over 20 years of industry experience including personal counseling, life and business coaching and consulting for individuals, families and organizations.

PIPC provides top-notch consulting and coaching services to individuals and organizations to help them transform their untapped human potential into enhanced motivation and performance.


1. Advisement, Development and Self-Actualization Projects

  • Identify and develop high potentials
    (ASSESS: expert selection system)
  • Advise Chief Executive Officers and Executive Management Teams
  • Develop and coach managers, executives, key leaders and professionals
    (five computerized 360 degree tools)
  • Transform managers into leaders and advanced degree and technical professionals into managers or into consultants
  • Facilitate partnership between and among team members and provide team coaching where needed

2. Compatibility / Goodness-of-Fit Consultations

(to avoid costly mistakes and increase management team performance)

  • Identify, evaluate and develop high-potentials and pre-promotion candidates
  • Conduct succession planning
    (assessment and development of candidates)
  • Assess pre-employment candidates
    (hire by design)
  • Evaluate individuals for in-placement and position assignment
  • Career path development

3. Troubleshooting and Fix-it Projects

  • Conduct derailment intervention and turnaround coaching projects with valued but under performing key employees
  • Develop interventions to prevent unwanted exits and costly turnover
  • Conduct creative out-placement projects
    (a preferred option to termination)
  • Enhance communication skills and resolve interpersonal conflicts between individuals and team members
  • Provide team coaching where needed
  • Resolve intrapersonal issues