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Building Self Confidence – A Return to Childhood

What do people really mean when they discuss the need for building self confidence? Do any of us really know where to begin this task? Building actually is the tangible beginning of most things.

That part I do understand. Yes, we must build first before any of us can ever say that we really have done something to add to the achievements reached in this world.

Each and everyone of us have a soul that sheds an eternal spark in the universe. I believe this spark is formed during the building of self-confidence. Whatever sparks each soul offers to the universe whether it is bright or dim light, that spark remains a part of existence in one shape or form forever.

Human as we are, we give the universe its brightness through our contributions. However irrelevant they seem to us, each of our contributions adds a bit of importance to how men navigate through time. It only takes a single candle to give light in a small room, but the light of many candles is enormous and can light the way for the entire universe.

You can neither be a spark or a candle if you can’t believe in yourself. And you can’t believe in yourself unless you work on building self confidence in a way that gives you the confidence to accomplish great things. You can’t give a dim room light if you yourself have no light to convince yourself that you are significant enough to accomplish all that your heart desires.

Find Belief in Yourself Once Again

Yes, It all lies in building self confidence to the point where you believe in yourself and your ability to achieve along with the acceptance of the things that you can’t possibly change.

When we are young, we tend to have confidence in ourselves unless others have destroyed this innocent part of us with their put downs and negativity. And our confidence overshadows any fright that we may have once we reach out for something unknown to us. And that is when we begin building self confidence.

This foundation begins strong only because we know nothing about the fears of the rest of the world. The fears that eventually creep into our very bones as we grow and others fill our heads with their own fears and disbelief.

The result in the end is a lack of self-confidence and the defense mechanisms that many of us have integrated into our personalities that mask weaknesses and destroy our strengths.

And now, many of us who have lost our way somewhere along this path have to find ways to learn things once again that will help in building self-confidence. This can be difficult especially if you already have become embedded in your own negative self-image.

However, it’s never impossible to renew yourself and find the person that you would have been if it weren’t for your acceptance of defeat when you set out to do battle with life.

It is never too late to regain the self-confidence you had before. You may start from scratch or you may choose to gather what was left of your confidence into a heap and start working with it once again. What ever you choose, the work will be well worth it.