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Being Single And Happy In The World Today

In this modern world, more and more people are opting to be single rather than stay in a bad relationship just to say they have a partner. Yes, many are saying being single and happy is the way to go. In fact, they say that singles are less lonely than many couples in unhappy relationships.

However, being single can make you more vulnerable to all sorts of bad situations when you’re meeting new people. Being careful is the name of the game. And when people feel desperate, they may do things that they otherwise would never consider.

Sometimes, you get the look of pity from your friends in relationships. Other times, your friends continually pressure you  to let them set you up. Everyone is sure they know better than you as to who will be your type.

Focus on Loving Yourself

This is when you need to push away the pressure of those who care about you and focus on how you are with yourself. What do you truly want? Is true love an important goal for you or is having a partner just a desire to fit in with the crowd.

And it’s necessary that you take a look at your past relationships. Did someone or several partners leave you so badly wounded that you have closed the doors to everyone else. Have you made a commitment to yourself that you’ll never make that mistake again, and now are you feeling more jaded then ever?

If any of this sounds familiar, you may have established emotional boundaries and be unconsciously pushing others away whenever anyone gets too close. If so, with out even being aware of it, you keep yourself alone.

So, Are You Happy with Your Life?

The important thing is to become aware of this situation and decide if this is actually where you want to be. If not, work to change it. And if you’re fine with it, that’s okay to. This is your life and you need to decide for yourself and stand up to all of those well meaning friends.

In other words, being single is only as good as what you make of it. Sometimes, just when you have accepted that you’re in for a life of solitude, you may find yourself pleasantly surprised. In the mean time, get to know ‘you’ as a single person with wonderful traits all your own.

Learn to recognize your own skills and find ways to take charge of your life. When single you can discover your full self as you don’t need to bounce who you are off of someone else. So use this time of your life wisely and learn to love you just the way you are.

What About Your Job?

As for your career, you can take that time necessary to devote yourself to getting ahead and obtaining that promotion you have always wanted.. You have a chance to better your career because the only person you  have to consider at the moment is you.

Plus, as we mentioned earlier, we’ve all heard too many stories of people who search for love in all the wrong places and have found themselves in all the wrong situations with the most dubious of partners. Most of the time, the mistakes made and the resulting hurt could have been prevented. Yes, prevented by  taking that solo time to realize the many avenues for happiness available to all of us if we just look. That is instead of focusing on the momentary highs of a quick fix for that loving feeling.

Use this time for single-handed soul searching and you will soon realize that before you could ever be happy with someone else, you need to be happy with yourself. And you need to love who you are at the moment before you can really reach out to another in a healthy way.

Nothing is more attractive to any of us than someone who radiates peace, contentment and true happiness. Once you’ve achieved this, people will be be attracted to you. Now, until you’re perfect mate comes along, put yourself on the top of your list of priorities and appreciate your life for what you have right now. And  you too will begin to agree that being single and happy is possible.