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Be a Certified LIFE Coach Today!

Becoming a certified life coach is something many people have been considering and so we thought it would be a good idea to offer a few things for you to think about if this is a career idea on your list of considerations.

Here is a short checklist:

  • Do you genuinely like people and really want to help them bring out the best in themselves?
  • Do you want to engage in more fulfilling career activities?
  • Do you want to liberate yourself personally and financially?
  • Do your family, friends, and colleagues turn to you for help or advice?

If you answered YES to most of these questions then you have the potential to do well in a life coaching course and be a certified life coach in no time at all.

But first, before you push right ahead, what do we mean by life coaching?

Here are some fast facts about life coaching:

  • Life coaching is a two-way partnership between the coach and the client.
  • Coaching is now considered a profession. It is growing rapidly and many people see it as a very satisfying career.
  • Life coaching is also known as personal coaching.
  • Coaching is now no. 2 in the world in terms of being a fast growing skill.
  • Life coaching is concerned with the physical, spiritual, intellectual, and emotional aspects of a person’s life.
  • Life coaching is socially acceptable. People – especially, men – dislike going to your traditional therapist for the negative connotations that it may entail. Besides, many wouldn’t want to admit that they have a problem. But when you say hiring a life coach, it seems fashionable, and so people go for it.

The facts themselves above may be enough to convince someone to push forward and become a certified life coach. But there are more reasons to become one.

Reasons to Become a Coach

Here are a few of the reasons people have for becoming a certified life coach:

  • Some people want to become a life coach for the partnership or bond they can establish with other people, since in life coaching, you may get to deal with all sorts of people – from actors to entrepreneurs, from TV hosts to your regular Joe or Jane. But simply put, these life coaches enjoy helping others to triumph over their problems and fears.
  • Others discover that they not only help others in the process of life coaching, but they also help themselves (as life coaches) grow and be aware of their own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Some do it for the money since life coaching is indeed a very lucrative profession. Imagine working in the comfort of your own home at your own pace with no rent or staff payroll to think about. Pretty enticing, right?

Whatever the reasons maybe, life coaching is expected to benefit both coach and client.

Becoming a Certified Life Coach

Now that you have a background on what life coaching is all about and why you should consider becoming one, let’s talk about getting certified.

There are several institutions or organizations in the US that accommodate those who want to be certified life coaches. To name a few, you may want to check Coach Training Alliance, Life Coach Institute, Rockport Institute Career Coach Training, and New Ventures West Integral Coach Training on the Internet.

There are still others, but the point is all of them help aspiring coaches by giving them the necessary tools of the trade and equip them with techniques and strategies to help people as a coach.
The courses and programs these institutions offer vary, but, of course, all present activities, tips, suggestions, and ideas that can be instantly used with clients.

The length of time it will take to complete the training varies, too, but some attest that the course can be finished in one to two weeks.

These life coaching courses are often offered online or through distance learning.

There are several benefits in being a certified life coach:

  • Earning Potential –
    This one is limited only by the number of hours you put into work. The average charge of life coaches from US ranges from $250-$750 per month and per client. So multiply your charge with the number of your clients, that’s how much you will earn in a month.
  • Promotion –
    Your institution can help you promote your business online, on local newspapers, and even in your own area through brochures. You may even use the institution’s logo in your website or letterhead for more credibility.
  • Recognition –
    Your institution can also help you have your name placed on a list of approved life coaches which will give you more work opportunities.
  • Title –
    If doctors of medicine have MD, lawyers Atty., and registered nurses RN, you, as a certified life coach, may use the title LC Inst or Dip LC after your name.
  • Membership –
    You may also become a member of life coaching organizations.

There may be more benefits waiting for you and the list can go on. So it really would help if you visit the World Wide Web for more specific information. Now that you know, would you let your chance to become a life coach slip away? Go and be a certified life coach today!