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Anger Management: Don’t Let Anger Rule You

Have you seen the movie Anger Management staring Adam Sandler? It portrays a situation in which a man is having anger control issues and is sentenced by a judge to undergo a workshop on how to manage anger. Being angry can be dominating if not controlled. It’s so powerful that it can consume you or even others. And in real life it’s not a comedy.

People need to know about the dangers of angry behavior and the basics about anger management. Yes, being angry is a natural human occurrence. A normal everyday feeling that we all have. But it can arise in different degrees, which can be destructive to people when mishandled. If not well controlled, it can destroy your relationships, send you to jail and even be the root of mental health issues.

Anger management refers to psychological therapeutic techniques and activities that can reduce the destructive nature of disproportionate and uncontrollable anger and aggression issues. And it even teaches constructive ways to express this feeling. In some countries, attending workshops and programs to manage anger are now mandatory for anyone who suffers from uncontrollable rage.

Two Anger Classifications

There are two categories of anger, passive and aggressive. Anger management can be much more easily dealt with when you know the type being expressed inappropriately. So let’s take a look at each of these.

Passive Anger

Passive anger is manifested through covert behaviors such as blaming one’s self, engaging in activities to sabotage others and manipulating hidden desires and goals. Apathy and the lack of concern are also considered to come under this category. Hence, with this type, it’s more likely that one might experience conflict but be able to disregard it rather than resolve it. Passive anger is also described as an iron fist disguised by a silk glove.

Aggressive Anger

This second type, aggressive anger is the typical and apparent form that we recognize right away. And these are the people who we see in the anger management sessions. Aggressive anger, is described as the overt behavior that one shows. They act out their raging thoughts and behaviors directly through talking violently, throwing insults, making threats, and enacting violence and other vicious attacks on others. They are definitely the iron fist and everyone knows it.

Anger Management Workshops

If not resolved, anger can lead to mental health issues such as anxiety and depression when people turn it inward onto themselves. It deceives one’s mind, changes how you think and affects your behavior. And thus, leads to ruined relationships. Chronic anger creates a variety of physical and organic problems such as headaches, high blood pressure, digestive and heart problems.

Several anger management workshops use assertive communication techniques. It’s the suitable or the proper way of expressing feelings without offending or excluding the rights and liberties of others involved. It can also be called the “I Structured Sentence”. Start the sentence with I followed by your need or want. Say for example, “I hope I can control my feelings when I am angry.”

Overcome Your Anger Issues

The Alternatives to Violence Project grants workshops that help to modify faulty thinking and attitude. It also offers exercises in anger management that improve interpersonal capabilities and provides an approach to help reduce the tendency to become angry. Programs like this have been available in rehabilitation centers for over 35 years.

In conclusion, getting angry is a natural emotion that requires healthy forms of expression. It needs to be understood and given appropriate attention. Anger management is an ideal way to conquer anger before it consumes you.