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An Attempt to Define Happiness: What is Happiness?

Happiness is thought to be the very core of human struggle. We claim of doing things to get to the path that leads to happiness. We go beyond our lives and see why and how other people get their happiness.

The sad truth though is that too many times, we have failed to recognize that happiness is always within sight. In fact, it has always been within us. But we are often too blinded to see this truth, let alone accept it. Thus, we endlessly count on external motivations that would drive us to finding happiness.

Happiness is anything and everything that would account for the feeling of elation and contentment. It’s in its basic nature, a pleasant feeling. But if we are to actually describe what happiness is, we might find ourselves at our wit’s end to actually create a concrete meaning out of something that man finds so complicated.

It all lies in our perception of its meaning and feeling and out of the purity of our souls. Many claim that happiness is one of the most difficult things to achieve yet what we truly are seeing here is the lack of a clean soul that would pour out happiness into the world.

Why can’t we find happiness?

Is it because we are too preoccupied with the materiality of our happiness? It’s not a stone or a whisper that you can touch or hear. But it is always there. It will definitely come as a wind when no one expects it and too many times we have overlooked it.

Happiness wasn’t intended to satisfy human vanities

It is practically everything, yes but everything excludes all things that would inflict damage to another fellow or to affect him in any negative way possible. Happiness ends where discord lays its path. Happiness ceases to exist when the last light of hope vanishes because men wish to side more on evil than in good.

There are no complex principles underlying it nor there are complex methods to accomplish before we ever achieve the state of happiness. We are just about as happy as we want ourselves to be or as we set our minds to be. How many instances in our life did our mental settings affect the clarity of our emotions?

It all lies in how we see things

If we see romance in every flower that buds or joy in every good human act we hear, it is no doubt that our hearts are uncorrupted with evil.

We have mentioned about the purity of the souls. How to identify it? There are no intricate ways. Its just this- a soul that finds no happiness in any wrongdoing. A soul that doesn’t tune into the devil’s voice. And a soul that doesn’t entertain a single rotten thought.

We have to be keen in identifying what rotten thoughts, wrongdoings we allow ourselves to focus on. Often, we find it convenient to follow what our innate beast tells us. It sure leads to the short cuts of the achievement of things. However, the products of listening into this beast side are passing. They only benefit you for a while and destroy you eventually. Like a chocolate coating that hides a molten poison at its core.

It takes enlightenment to know what is evil and not. But remember that you are constantly guided. However, at one point or another, we find it dissatisfying to listen to the good that lives within us. Because for some mysterious scheme, it normally drives us to longer roads, where too few roads meet because so many have abandoned this road and have taken the easier route to perdition.

Happiness doesn’t ask so much yet it will provide you with endless resources of joy and contentment. The only part you have to take is not to be like the many who would rather have eaten the chocolate-covered poison for the road out front is easier but to make a difference and follow the long path that leads to happiness.