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About Us

Marsha Beslic M.S.
Potential into Performance Consulting, LLC

Life and Business CoachHere at Potential into Performance Consulting we offer personal, business, professional and life coaching to individuals on and off the Internet.

I received my undergraduate degree in Applied Behavioral Science and my masters degree from Northern Illinois University in Counselor Education. In addition I have numerous training programs in coaching, consulting, communication skills, relationship building, hypnosis and education.

In addition I have developed my business consultation skills through a certified mentoring program offered by The Global Consulting Partnership, a worldwide consulting service whose focus is “Enhancing the Performance of People.”

On the individual coaching side…

PIPC consults and coaches individuals in the areas of interpersonal and management development. As a behavior change expert my approach to coaching has evolved over the last 25 years of working with clients including individuals, families, adults and children to help them maximize their potential and make life altering changes.

I have helped hundreds of people and professionals with self development training such as developing communication skills, self confidence, public speaking, management and leadership skills, conflict resolution and performance enhancement to name a few.

On the business side

Potential into Performance Consulting (PIPC) assists companies in achieving their key business objectives by fully capitalizing on a single line of their balance sheet – their human resource portfolio. PIPC uses powerful motivational and performance engineering technology to harness and then maximize the untapped potential of a company’s human resource assets (their people).

Who We Serve

PIPC has a broad range of clients that include individuals, parents and business clients in high tech, education, biotechnology, financial services, health care, and professional service firms to name a few.

My favorite specialties are working with life and parent coaching clients.

Taking a Look at Our Mission

“Remember at the end of the day, the ability to learn faster than our competitors may be our only sustaining competitive advantage. Everybody else in the world is doing the same things we are. We’re going to get there faster with better prepared people.”
-Larry Bossidy CEO
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Potential into Performance Consulting (pipc) is a unique motivation and performance- consulting firm using a behavioral change perspective. We excel at assisting individuals and organizations in developing their most valuable asset …people. Our success is based on our integrity, creativity, and our commitment to the individuals and organizations we serve.


Our firm focuses on preparing individuals and organizations to maximize their competitive advantage …better prepared people. We do this through collaboration with progressive clients. Using scientifically tested cutting-edge strategies and methodologies; we supercharge productivity by transforming individual and organizational potential into enhanced performance while allowing each individual to achieve the fullest satisfaction and meaning from their work.

Core Values

We have a strong commitment to:

  • Treating others with respect
  • Building long-term trusting relationships
  • Understanding and responding to clients’ needs
  • Anticipating challenges in order to offer the most optimal solutions
  • Passion and dedication in our work – exceeding expectations
  • Integrity, honesty, and ethics including confidentiality
  • Promoting excellence.