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A Free Life Coach – You Get What You Pay For

Is there really such a thing as a free life coach?

I guess the answer to this question actually depends on what you’re really looking for in the way of help. Life coaching is emerging as a very popular service today but you must pay for most of these services. Advertisements of life coaches can be found everywhere.

You can find the picture of a life coach smiling on the newspaper. You can find their websites on the internet. Their telephone numbers are flashed on the television. And people who make use of the services life coaches have to offer say that the money they pay is worth it.

Many depend so much on these life coaches that they even ask themselves how they could have survived without having a life coach in the past. However, they all look at life coaching as a service that must be paid for.

So is there any way to enlist the services of a free life coach? And if so, where can you find a free life coach? Well, you might just want to take a look around and consider what you do indeed need a life coach for before you start dialing your phone.

Some churches are now offering life coaching and you might be able to contact your church and ask if they do in deed provide such a service for their congregation. Some only provide counseling and there really is a difference between counseling and coaching so be sure they understand what you’re asking.

And of course there are relatives and friends that you can turn to for support and cheer leading when it comes to encouraging you to stay on task and help make you accountable for your goals but how reliable will that be for you? And they really don’t have the training and experience that a paid life coach can offer you.

Remember after all, you really do get what you pay for

So if all you’re after is support and cheer leading family and friends might due just fine but if true coaching is what you’re after you’re much better off with an actual life coach who can help you make important changes and actually help you reach the dreams you have for your future. 

It really takes time, experience and talent to truly listen and not just hear what another person is saying and a free life coach if you can find one might not have that kind of knowledge and ability to do this for you and might even waste your time and energy.

My suggestion to you is to forget about looking for a free life coach and look for a good qualified life coach who can help you to change your life for the better in more ways that one. And if you do, it won’t be long before you too will be saying the money you paid was well worth it.